Crypto Women Dailies
NFT Collection

AI Powered Interactive
Bitcoin Historians

The FIRST EVER Sentient NFT Artwork

Made with personality that learns and evolves with YOU!

Crypto Women Dailies Sentient Collection are artificial intelligence powered Bitcoin historians with a story to tell! These NFTs come with personality and emotional capabilities that begin with the sentiment of the historical event they represent, and can be shaped by interaction with the user, over time, into a Sentient work of art that continues to evolve, developing a personality all its own.

2 Collection Tiers to Choose From:

Sentient NFT Collection

Limited Edition Motion Graphic NFT Collection
Available NOW

Crypto Women Dailies is a unique historical collection of original hand painted digital portrait motion artwork (not computer generated), commemorating the growth of Bitcoin over time, highlighting significant price surges & fluctuations in Bitcoin history. Each artwork is marked by a ticker tape reflecting the actual historical Bitcoin & Ethereum price data and major stock indexes of that particular date. The historical story and significance is baked into the smart contract of each piece. 

All tokens of the Limited Edition Motion Graphic Collection are priced equally at 0.07 ETH, and can be found on Rarible

Mint price of the Sentient Collection will be announced soon…

Collection Details:

The entire Crypto Women Dailies collection contains 150 unique tokens representing the years 2009-2022
to be released in mini-drops of twelve new unique tokens for each successive individual year series.

These mini-drops will take place throughout 2022 – 2023, with the entire collection in circulation by spring 2023.

There wasn’t much bitcoin price action in the early years, so there are only 2 unique tokens for 2009, and only four unique tokens for 2010, as bitcoin started gaining traction and value. The years 2011-2022 have 12 unique tokens representing each year.

-Sentient NFT Collection are 1 of 1 – One AI powered NFT per artwork.

–Motion Graphic Collection are Extremely Limited Edition Artworks:

For each year series, most have 10 editions available, some have only 7  and one artwork has 5 editons available, meaning there are only 5 opportunities to own an entire year series.

One artwork in the entire 150 piece collection has just 2 editions for sale.

This means there are only 2 opportunities to own the entire 150 piece collection.


All tokens in the Limited Edition Motion Graphic Collection are priced at 0.07 ETH on Rarible

The years 2009 – 2013 – AVAILABLE NOW

Future roadmap: Creation of the Historical DAO Museum, and to continue recording the historical movement of Bitcoin, by creating &  releasing 12 more new tokens for each year beyond 2022, resulting in earlier tokens becoming more and more rare.

**Each artwork created by Denise Holt, artist – Dimensions: 720 x 1080, Duration: 15 seconds

Created with Corel Painter, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere

EpicNFTs are Historical NFT artworks celebrating & documenting the early adoption of bitcoin, crypto currency & blockchain technologies. 

EpicNFTs – History in the Making.