CWD Sentient AI Powered NFT Collection Launch COMING SOON

CWD Limited Edition Motion Graphic NFT Collection Available NOW

Each token in this series is an original hand painted portrait motion artwork, reflecting an important date in Bitcoin price history. The ticker tape reflects the actual price indexes of that date.

The entire Crypto Women Dailies artwork collection contains 150 unique tokens representing the years 2009-2022, to be released in mini-drops of twelve new unique tokens for each successive individual year series.

These mini-drops will take place throughout 2022, with the entire collection in circulation by Spring 2023.

There wasn’t much price action in the early years, so there are only 2 tokens for 2009, and only four for 2010, as bitcoin started gaining traction and value. Each year thereafter will have 12 tokens of unique artwork representing that year.

Future roadmap: Creation of the Historical DAO Museum, and to continue recording the historical movement of Bitcoin, by creating & releasing 12 more new tokens for each year beyond 2022. 

All tokens in this Limited Edition Motion Graphic Collection are priced equally at 0.07 ETH, and can be found on Rarible

Crypto Women Dailies – Terms of Ownership

CWD Limited Edition Motion Graphic Collection

NOTE:  These are motion artworks.

Below you will find still images – screenshots of the pieces. If you click on them, they will take you to the Rarible listing where you can see the motion video live.










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