Bitcoin Incidents Collection...
What is that?

Bitcoin is still in its infancy as a global currency. In the past 12 years, there have been many pioneers and diehard enthusiasts who have literally built its early legacy to where we stand today.

Epic NFTs are truly authentic historical artworks in the form of non-fungible tokens, collectible on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each work of art is an original hand painted digital motion art piece, created to celebrate & document the early adoption of bitcoin, crypto currency & blockchain technologies with precise historical accuracy. Dates, values, and codes used in artwork are all authentic representations of actual timelines and transaction code written onto the blockchain for each incident on record.

Meet the Crypto Women Dailies Collection

Crypto Women Dailies is a unique collection of original hand painted digital portrait motion artwork, commemorating the growth of Bitcoin over time, highlighting significant price surges & fluctuations in Bitcoin history. Each artwork is marked by a ticker tape reflecting the actual historical Bitcoin & Ethereum price data and major stock indexes of that particular date.

All tokens in this collection are prices equally at 0.07 ETH, and can be found on Rarible

Crypto Women Dailies

“2009-10-05 The First USD-Bitcoin Exchange Rate”

What Makes EpicNFTs
So Valuable?

NFTs by their very nature are valuable because each collectible is attached to a smart contract on the blockchain that provides a complete history and proof of ownership of the artwork, itself.

Due to the historical nature of these Epic NFTs, and the fact that they are being created during the relative time of infancy with regard to the lifetime of bitcoin as a currency, collectors can be assured that their value as an asset is likely to increase exponentially over time. 

These EpicNFTs have all been created with the utmost care & attention to detail by a super tech loving girl who geeks out over researching things like important people, dates, price milestones, and even actual transaction codes embedded in the bitcoin blockchain, itself. The historical facts baked into each piece is as authentic as possible to tell the real story behind the event, emotion, or image.

As a layered dimension of value, the Bitcoin Incidents Collection Limited Edition NFTs are paired with an actual Physical Token collectible of the artwork, which will be mailed out to the collector after the sale is complete.

So, What Do I Get?

Crypto Women Dailies

“2010-05-22 Laslo Pays 10,000 Bitcoins for Two Large Pizzas”

Limited Editions

All NFTs in the Bitcoin Incidents Collection & Crypto Women Dailies Collection are Limited Edition. Each listing is clearly marked with the number of editions, with the most notable historical events being the most rare with fewer NFTs available to purchase, providing each collector the assurance that each NFT retains the highest resale value possible.

NFT + Physical Token

Included in the Bitcoin Incidents Collection
1st Edition NFT sales, is an exclusive one of a kind Physical Token:

--Embodied in a gorgeous PU Leather collectible box with 7 inch video display
--Along with a signed and numbered titanium authentication plate
--A certificate of authenticity
_-And a microfiber LCD cleansing cloth

to be mailed to the buyer after the sale.

An EPIC showpiece for your shelf & a cutting edge conversation piece that will make anyone jealous.

Crypto Women Dailies

“2009-10-12 1st Known Sale of Bitcoin in USD”

Guaranteed Resale Value Over Time

Due to the very nature of the historical value baked into each one of these art pieces, and the scarcity of limited release NFTs of each, these collectibles, just like bitcoin, are guaranteed to increase in value over time.

Sounds Awesome! How Can I Get My Hands On One?

You can find minted EpicNFTs on Rarible and OpenSea Marketplaces.

I will also consider custom art requests, so if you have a bitcoin memory you want memorialized forever on the blockchain, message me directly, and we can most definitely work out a price.