NFTs... um, what?

NFTs are tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. Non-fungible tokens contain identifying information recorded in their smart contracts. Attributes like the identity of the owner, history of ownership, sale and transfer price history, other rich metadata & even secure file links. It’s this information that makes each NFT different & unique, and that’s why they cannot be directly replaced or interchanged by another token (making them non-fungible).

If a digital artwork is tokenized, the original can always be traced back via token, allowing it to retain & even increase in commercial value because someone can actually ‘own’ the original.

Wait a minute... If I can see images of this art on Instagram, why would I pay for it?

Well, you can see the Mona Lisa all over the internet, but there can only be one person or entity (The Louvre Museum) that owns the original. NFT artworks are all about proof of ownership for the art collector. As the owner, you can hold onto the art, or you can trade or sell it, all with the peace of mind, knowing that the artwork will retain or increase in value, and that you can prove ownership & value upon sale.

Okay, so I've bought one. Now, what can I do with it?

NFTs are fun! You can collect them and display them in an online gallery. Or you can impress your friends and family by displaying them on a monitor or TV in your home.

You also have the option to trade them or sell them. Many people buy NFTs, and simply turn around and re-sell them in a secondary NFT art market for profit! Collecting NFTs is proving to be a very exciting & profitable new market that is growing at lightening speed!

How you approach the world of NFTs is totally up to you.

So, what is a "Physical Token"?

After you purchase your qualifying collectible NFT artwork (you will know because the listing will specifically say it is included in the sale), you will receive am exclusive, one of a kind, “physical” collectible piece in the mail (allow 6-8 weeks for delivery). This “Physical Token” comes in the form of a collectible box set that includes:

  • A gorgeous PU Leather collectible box with 7 inch video display. The art image/video is a pre-loaded video that plays instantly, and cannot be changed or deleted.
  • Along with a signed and numbered titanium authentication plate
  • A certificate of authenticity
  • And a microfiber LCD cleansing cloth
  • Also comes with a USB charger, and retains about a 2 hour playtime charge

Can I sell the "Physical Token" separate from the NFT?

Well, yes, you technically could do that, but you have to ask yourself why you would that? Splitting up the physical token from the NFT token could potentially reduce the re-sale value of your entire collectible artwork.

How many editions of each image will be sold?

Each artwork will have a pre-determined number of NFT editions before the 1st one list listed. assuring you, as a collector, of the potential value of your investment.

Very cool... Okay, wait, so what if I would like my own portrait memorialize forever as a painting on the blockchain, in the form of an NFT?

That would be a really cool thing to do!

I’m definitely down to do commissioned artworks, so feel free to DM me. We’ll work out the details and come up with a price.